Terms and Conditions for the Resort Shop

SARL Chamonix All Year – Terms and Conditions for the Equipment Hire 

Special terms and conditions relating to the rental of sports equipment in winter and summer

These conditions supplement the General Terms and Conditions which apply to the online Shop. 

The English version of the T's & C's is provided for your information. The legally binding terms and conditions is the French version. 

2.1 Equipment rental

The equipment offered for rental on the Shop is described therein, given that only categories of equipment are offered and not specific makes or models.  
The general characteristics of each of the categories offered are detailed on the Shop. 
You therefore book a category of equipment. 
The examples of equipment given are purely indicative for information purposes and have no contractual value. 
If the Partner considers that your pre-booked equipment is unsuitable for you, the service provider is entitled to advise more appropriate equipment, for safety reasons. This may involve an additional cost, which it is your responsibility to pay. 
Chamonix All Year cannot be held liable for any defect in the quality of the equipment provided to the Client by our Partner. 

2.2 Cost of rental

The price of the rental Order is determined according to the category of equipment booked, the rental period chosen and the time at which the Order is placed. 
In the event that the equipment is returned earlier than initially foreseen in the contract, the price to be paid will not be calculated by dividing the original price by the number of days booked. 
The potential refund will be calculated according to the daily rate which applies for the actual rental period.
As a result, the cost of equipment rental for a shorter time period may be the same as for a longer period, as the Suppliers often choose to offer preferential rates to Clients who rent their equipment for longer periods. 

2.3 Provision of booked equipment – deposit

Booked equipment should be collected from the Supplier to whom the Order has been passed and who is mentioned in the confirmation email sent by Chamonix All Year. 
The booked equipment will be available only to the person who placed the Order. 
The booked equipment can be collected the evening before the first day of hire indicated in the Order confirmation email, from 4pm, depending on the available stock. 
Any adjustments to the rented equipment may only be carried out by the Partner. 
You must produce proof of identity: ID card or passport. 
The Partner may request a bank card imprint or pre-authorisation for the amount of the rental. 
The Partner may also require a deposit from the Client for an amount equal to the public sale price (inc. VAT) of the rented equipment.
Each Partner will determine the Terms and Conditions under which the deposit will be returned to the Client. 
It is the Client’s duty to inform him/herself about these conditions; Chamonix All year cannot be held responsible in case of legal action. 

2.4 Availability of booked equipment

Chamonix All Year will not be held responsible for any error by the relevant Partner in the provision of equipment booked. 
Partners cannot be held responsible for any delays in the provision of booked equipment due to force majeure. Force majeure means any event which is beyond their control, unforeseeable, unstoppable, and as defined in law, including any delay due to the late return of the equipment from a previous rental. 
However, if it is impossible for the Partner to provide the Client with the booked equipment, the Partner will do its best to provide equipment of an equal or better quality, for the same rental price. 
If the Client wishes to upgrade his/her equipment booking to a higher category, or to rent additional equipment once the rental period has started, the supplier must be contacted and any increase in cost must be paid directly to the Partner. The additional cost will reflect the public price and will not include any discounts available online at the time of booking on the Shop. 

2.5 Use and return of rented equipment

The equipment rented is intended for the sole use of the persons mentioned in the Order as using the equipment, without any possibility of sub-leasing or loaning, even for free. 
The Client is the sole judge of the ability of the people mentioned in the Order to use the rented equipment. 
S/he certifies that these people are capable of using the rented equipment and undertakes on his/her own part, and on behalf of the other people mentioned in the Order as using the rented equipment, that only these people will use the equipment themselves, according to the recommendations of use, with caution, without danger to third parties and in accordance with the regulations in force, and that they will not sub-let or lend out the equipment.  
The Client is free to choose the category of equipment booked and rented, and will remain solely responsible for any failure to adapt the rented equipment to the specific needs of the people mentioned in the Order as using said equipment, as well as for all settings other than those made by the Partner. 
The rented equipment may not be sold or exchanged elsewhere. 
The rented material must be returned directly to the Partner from whom it was originally collected. All equipment returned after regular opening hours on the last day of the rental period will incur an additional cost for the Client, who will be charged at the public price, as advertised in the Partner’s shop.

2.6 Responsibility

The Client assumes whole responsibility for the rented material when he takes possession of it. He remains responsible until its full return as described in section 2.5 of these conditions. 
The Client will ensure the care and preservation of the equipment and will use it at all times with due diligence. 
At the expiration of the rental period shown on the rental voucher, if the material is not returned at the agreed date and time, then the Client will be solely responsible for the material which he has in his possession until it is returned. 
Failure to return the rented equipment, whatever the reason, will case the Client to be invoiced by the Partner Shop for the value of new equipment at the public price, on top of the rental fee already paid. 
Any reservations about the conditions of the rented equipment shall be reported by the Client to the Partner Shop renting the equipment upon collection of the equipment and should be recorded on the rental voucher with a signature. Unless this procedure is followed, no claim can be accepted thereafter. 
Rented equipment, being numbered or labelled, shall be returned with the same numbers and labels. The Client undertakes to return the rented equipment clean and in the same condition as when s/he took possession of it, except for normal wear and tear or due to a hidden defect or non-apparent damage causing degradation, as long as proof of said defect or damage can be provided by the Client. 
The Client takes responsibility for any damage suffered by the rented item, whatever the cause. S/he assumes responsibility for any damage and therefore for payment to the Partner Shop of any cost to restore the condition of the equipment or replace it, up to the maximum value of replacing the equipment as new at the public price. This charge shall be in addition to the original rental cost. If it is technically or economically unfeasible to repair the equipment, then it will be replaced. 
The Client agrees to pay these charges upon returning the rented equipment, if necessary by deducting from the damage deposit mentioned in Section 2.3 of these Terms and Conditions. All repairs will be exclusively carried out by the Partner Shop. 
As the Shop takes orders on behalf of the Partners, it cannot be held responsible for any defects in the quality of the equipment provided to the Client by the Partner concerned. 

2.7 Cancellation

In case of cancellation by the Client, only the Terms and Conditions of the Partner apply. SARL CAY cannot be held responsible. 

SARL Chamonix All Year Terms and Conditions updated 16th January 2015
© SARL Chamonix All Year 2015

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